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About Us

The Estep family has been raising and showing Boer goats for over 14 years.  Like most families, it started as a hobby and an avenue to do something together as a family and raising small animals allowed our children to help with their care.  It is now a way of life for us and a passion of our family.  My father, Paul Estep, my son, Andy Estep, and I  were the original “goat farmers” in our family. Our daughter, Amanda, was actually introduced to her now husband at a goat show. They have goats of their own now (Moon Bar Farm) and have been very successful in the show ring winning Grand Champion with a doe at the national ABGA show a couple of years back. My wife’s mother and stepfather, Danny and Bobbie Stovall, also purchased goats and now have a farm of their own raising colored and spotted Boer goats (Redcreek Farm). So, when we say this is a family business, we are not kidding.  We travel to shows together and Danny and Bobbie host two production sales a year called the “Splash of Color Sale”,  which is always a big family event.

It was only natural then, for us to start a business offering goat, sheep, and livestock supplies. Why not sell the products we have researched and found to be the best and most economical on the market?  Our plans were bolstered when a longtime family friend, Furney Register, decided to retire and sell his business, Register’s Sheep and Goat Supply, in August of 2013.  We acquired his business and between Furney’s years of experience and the desire of an entire family of farmers, we plan to bring a wealth of knowledge and common sense products and solutions to our customers. One year later the business has expanded to include a retail feed and farm store that also serves as our warehouse for inventory and the business has grown and expanded  to include products to cover all types of livestock and services people who raise multiple breeds and types of animals.

We are excited about our new business, especially since, like raising livestock, it is a opportunity for our family to work and be together.  We have made many great friends raising goats and through our new business, hope to make many more friends that are breeders of other types of livestock. We plan to bring a variety of new and unique ideas to our business.  Utilizing the knowledge of our farming friends we continue to add products daily to meet the needs of all livestock breeders to bring you the latest and best products at the lowest possible prices.  Stay tuned for what’s in store!

In the meantime, keep in touch.  We travel to different events on the weekends and bring our products for sale to you. If you have an event you would like us to attend; a sale, a show, seminar, and so on, please contact us. Further, if you have suggestions for products or services, we would love to hear from you.   Contact us via our website, Facebook page, email or phone.     Brian Estep


The Estep Family - Front row: Eric McLeymore
(son-in-law), Brian Estep (father) Back Row: 
Amanda McLeymore (daughter), Andy
Estep (son), Rhonda Estep (mother)